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AK Elite Review

AK Elite Review

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Brad Callen, the creator of AK Elite is best known for his search engine optimization product called SEO Elite. SEO Elite would basically tell you all about your competition and their search engine ranking.

His latest product AK Elite is fundamentally the same idea but for the Amazon Kindle store. If you know anything about publishing kindle books, then you probably know that it is one of the hottest niche on the internet. Everywhere you look, people are selling Kindle money making eBooks.

With AK Elite, you will be able to find hot topics that have little competition and lots of searches. This strategy is what many of the top Kindle publisher use to get their eBooks ranked high which then leads to that book making you money.

Anyways, please read below for my original AK Elite Review

AK Elite Review – What Exactly Is AK Elite?

AK Elite is the very first and only Amazon Kindle analysis and ranking software to hit the market. It is for any eBook publisher that wants to be successful the first time. AK Elite is the product you need to start with if you are not sure what to do when creating an Amazon Kindle eBook.

Publishing Amazon Kindle eBooks can be very profitable if done correctly. Many times, just writing a good book is not enough. Having the analytics behind AK Elite is what will tell you if you will be profitable before you even spend your time writing a book.

Once you learn the correct process, you will see how AK Elite can automate a good bit of the work for you, which gives up writer a HUGE ADVANTAGE over others. It will also save you so much time! Enough time to write more books and make more money.

AK Elite Review – What I Liked

First let me be straight with you….I am not the best writer. I enjoy writing but I haven’t done well in selling stories on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. The amazing thing about AK Elite is the ability to show you profitable niches within the Kindle marketplace so that you know what you should be writing about.

There is something about knowing your eBook has a good chance to be successful even before you write it. Having AK Elite almost feels like you’re cheating the system! Haha

AK Elite will also make it so much easier to outsource your writing because you will know you have a great chance to make money on a project before you pay some else to write a book for you.  I hope you see the reason I wanted to write this AK Elite Review was to show how this product has the ability to create a real income stream that can be scalable to as much as you want!

AK Elite Review – What I Didn’t Like

AK Elite is a great product all by itself but they do offer a few other products that go hand in hand with AK Elite. This is just me being selfish, but I wish they offered them all together as one total package.

The Kindle Book Maker is a great tool to easily take your own book and convert it perfectly into a Kindle book. The AK Analytics program is awesome to use to see where your sales are coming from. Finally, the Book Club is a must have because this is where you will get reviews from fellow AK Elite Book Club members. Reviews are a huge part of ranking in the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. The more reviews you have the higher Amazon will rank you.

Having an all in one package would make the buying process much easier!

AK Elite Review – My Overall Thoughts of AK Elite

When I first got my hands on AK Elite, I didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, all I really wanted was to at least make my money back and learn more about the Amazon Kindle niche. So far, in the short time I have had AK Elite, it has been well worth the investment.

If you are trying to get into the Kindle publishing niche, this product is a great way to get started. You will be way ahead of others that are in your position. Writing eBooks takes time. If you want an edge over your competition, and you want to actually make money with Kindle eBooks, you have to try AK Elite!

For more information and to download a free book written by Brad Callen, the creator of AK Elite, click the link below. At the very least take advantage of the free book! It is a great tool all by itself!

Official AK Elite Website

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